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The KISS-SSB is a US Patented marine SSB ground plane system. This Icom endorsed principle is the one and only complete counterpoise system. It does not require  any holes under the water-line in the hull for a bronze plate, copper foil or copper mesh. The system has many feet of exact length wire radials built in it.
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Maintenance Free
After a normal installation time of less than thirty minutes the KISS-SSB is completely maintenance free.  Unlike the bronze plate that requires constant cleaning, and the copper foil that is subject to constant corroding.
The KISS-SSB let's you enjoy Paradise!
Designed for all the Marine SSB frequencies, Winlink & Sailmail frequencies, Emergency Coast Guard HF frequencies and NOAA Weather Fax frequencies plus the 2mhz through 29mhz Ham bands of 10 thru 80 meters
1,000's of satisfied customers world-wide
       Check out the June, 2012 issue of the
             Blue Water Sailing Magazine

                A paragraph taken directly from the article:
​I have seen exactly one product for the marine market that does the same thing ham operators have been doing for nearly a century and I haven’t a clue why it’s not on every single SSB-equipped boat. The KISS-SSB is a collection of radials designed specifically for marine frequencies. It’s dead simple to install—it looks like a short garden hose that you connect to your antenna tuner and then unwind anywhere you like. That’s all there is to it. Reports are extremely favorable.
                       Captain Marti Browns
    New edition of SSB for Idy-yachts is now out 
   With two full pages dedicated to the KISS-SSB 

                        Commander Terry Sparks
       New edition of Icom IC-M802 is now out
    With a few pages dedicated to the KISS-SSB
Our KISS-SSB is used on NOAA research vessels
The KISS-SSB is proudly represented at the coveted site of NEMAtm (National Marine Electronics Association)
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